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The Neuroimaging Laboratory of the Santa Lucia Foundation is a centre dedicated to non-invasive research on the human brain. The aim of the Laboratory is to develop and disseminate a scientific expertise in the field of functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging

Research projects include both basic and clinical neuroscience, investigating normal brain functioning and structural/functional changes occurring in neurological and psychiatric disorders

Dr. Marco Bozzali leads the Clinical Science group

Prof. Emiliano Macaluso (former Lab Director) has now moved to the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center

The researchers of the Lab include neurologists, psychologists and physicists, who develop their own research activities and interact with each other on a daily basis, thus resulting in an exciting and dynamic working and environment. Extensive collaborations with external partners enable a continuous exchange of know-how on technical, clinical and neuro-scientific topics.

The Laboratory co-operates with other imaging Units within the Santa Lucia Foundation including the Radiology Department and the Space & Action group of the Neuropsychology unit.



Neuroimaging Laboratory
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Via Ardeatina 306
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